“It is very lonesome at the summit!” 

“Like a man’s life, when he has climbed to eminence.” 

The Marble Faun ch.28 (1860), Nathaniel Hawthorne 

U.S. novelist and short story writer, (1804-1864)

From <https://www.quora.com/Where-did-the-phrase-Its-lonely-at-the-top-but-you-eat-better-come-from>

An achievement plan provides you with a map to becoming successful. You may even become recognized for a while as being “the best” at something. However, as you satisfy each goal along the way, a look at your accomplishments will reveal something that was left behind, like a friend, an old habit or where you used to play or live. That can make you feel lonely. Maybe even sad from time to time. How do you prevent yourself from feeling alone in your success?

How should you prepare for that event, so that fear of loneliness does not prevent you from trying to be excellent?


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