What We Do

Youth Centric, SPC (“Social Purpose Corporation”), a State of Washington based corporation (est. 10/2012) is organized to provide “eMentoring” and professional development services for youth between the ages of five (5) to eighteen (18), and up to age twenty-one (21) or twenty-five (25) for “challenged” groups, e.g., children with disabilities, foster children, and more.

Listen, Understand and Encourage

Youth Centric’s mission is to facilitate the development of positive intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities in young people that result in the acceleration and durability of their positive contributions and value.

Our goal is to build a socio-economic impact business model that produces tangible returns on investment according to each stakeholder’s desired outcomes.

Our formula for building THE most important asset, our children, rests on this foundation … Awareness-Cognition-Understanding-Merit-Enterprising-Next Level Thinking. That’s our definition of ACUMEN!

Our service platform, MeritXP, features a well-defined rewards system that offers attainable and tangible benefits to all youth and youth groups.


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